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Polished Aluminum Mini-Series Ashtray

$ 95.00

This single-finger ashtray features a deep ash pocket that will fit large ring cigars easily and is laser engraved with the classic Cohiba logo.

It is is excellent for outdoors and won't break if you drop it. Also has knurled milled features on top and bottom with polyurethane footrests to avoid scuffs on any tabletop. 

These ashtrays are CNC machined from aircraft-grade T6-6061 aluminum billets, powder-coated, and polished.

They are easy to clean with Dawn dish soap and a microfiber towel.
Made in the USA from El Paso, Texas. Family-owned & operated CNC machine shop.

The color variant shown is Powder Coated & Polished (Black Color)


Dimensions:   6L x 4W x 1H

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