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$ 150.00

 When Alec Bradley Cigars launched the Mega Burner tabletop lighter last year, the company said it would be adding limited-edition versions of the lighter covered in artwork in the future. Well the future is here, and we have our first look at the new Mega Burner art series that came to stores this past fall.

The limited-edition Mega Burners artist collection is a series of three lighters featuring distinct artwork by Ralf Schuetz, a digital artist based in Colorado. Schuetz’s vibrant graphical collage works have been used for album covers and fashion.

Burn Time:  8 Hours 45 Seconds*  Cigars Lit:  5,769**
Aperture Opening:  30%  Diffuser: 48 Port
Flame Type:  Mushroom  Ignition:  Push Button

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