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Drew Estate Acid Humidor

$ 225.00

Acid Humidors, give the cigars the opportunity of continuous ageing without losing their original characteristics. This means that the box or room in some cases, are built to preserve certain characteristics of weather and humidity to promote the proper ageing and storage of the product. The effect that the Acid Humidors produce is great for storing the cigars. With research and studies in the cigar topic, the scientists that are dedicated to improve the humidors, have discovered that at a 70% of humidity level and with a temperature of 65? to 70? F, the cigars are well kept for an upcoming smoke. These official ACID humidors are gorgeous high gloss with a 75-90 cigar capacity. Each limited edition collector's humidor is hand crafted and lined in spanish cedar with pull out tray, humidifier and divider. A must have for any ACID enthusiast! Dimensions: Medium 13 1/2" L by 9 1/4" by 6 1/8" H
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