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Ferndown Bark #3

$ 460.00

Handmade in England by Les Wood. 4 stars. 


Les Wood pipes are renowned for their pleasant, slightly nutty flavor and remarkable smoking characteristics. They feature impeccable craftsmanship extending to very good stem / bit work, though many pipes are often a bit heavier.

But, of course, the hallmark of his work is the excellent silver work. Almost all of his pipes feature rings or ferules for spigot stems. Grading is by finish: "Bark" (ca. 90%, sandblasted), "Chestnut" (brown or red, smooth) and "Root" (orange, smooth) and by size (one to three stars).


Les Wood


Exterior: Tobacco Hole:
L = 6 7/8" Dia. = 7/8"
H = 2 3/4" Depth = 2 1/8"
W =  1 3/4" Weight = 3.20 oz


Measurements may vary by +/- 0.2".

type: Pipes by: Ferndown
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