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Padron 50th Anniversary Cigars and Humidor

$ 5,300.00

Padrón Family Reserve 50 commemorates 50 years of business. Available in Maduro only. Cigars are 6 1/2 inches in length with a 52 ring gauge. Made with well-aged Nicaraguan tobaccos, many of them grown by the Padróns themselves. The blend is unique, complex, and balanced.  These cigars will be made on a continuing basis, but not in large quantities.

There are two cigars which are part of the Padrón Family Reserve 50 line. The Padrón 50th Anniversary smoke will be far more rare, and come packaged in a high-end humidor containing 50 cigars. This humidor is numbered 234 out of 1000 made, and each cigar in the series are individually numbered starting 11651 and ending 11700 a total of 50 cigars. The corresponding numbers are identified on the exterior of the Humidor and contains a unique serial number displayed inside on a brass plate.  The Padróns are offering the chance for refills of identical blend for "Whoever buys the box will have the opportunity to purchase another 50 cigars a year for five years," said Jorge Padrón.  

In order to be eligible to purchase refill cigars, the ultimate purchaser will be required to register the Humidor and Certificate of Authenticity. Registration will require both the serial number on the Humidor as well as the serial number on the Certificate. Padrón records the Humidor number sold to Bennington Tobacconist. To register and transfer the ownership of the Humidor of your purchase, please go to:  www.padron.com/50

A Certificate of Authenticity is hand-signed by Jose O. Padrón and Jorge L. Padrón.

Designed by Nelson Alfonso of Golden Age (Golden Age Ltd./Golden Age Visual Developers/GAVD) and made in Spain.  Alfonso is the designer behind the Atabey and Byron brands and Habanos S.A. who helped to create the Cohiba BHK, the Montecristo Gran Reserva and the new Vegueros among others. A small emblem on the front lip credits Alfonso.

Wrapper:  Nicaragua
Binder:  Nicaragua
Filler:  Nicaragua

Strength: Full


type: Cigars by: Padron
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