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Peterson Standard System 301 Rustic - P-Lip

$ 155.00

Small Bent Pot with Sandblasted finish. And Saddled Volcanized Rubber, Peterson lip Stem and a sterling silver band. Made in Ireland. 


Exterior: Tobacco Hole:
L = 5 5/8" Dia. = 3/4"
H = 1 3/4" Depth = 1 3/8"
W =  1 1/2" Weight = 1.60 oz


What is a Peterson P-Lip?  Charles Peterson originally designed the P-Lip mouthpiece as part of the Dry Systems design.  However it proved to be effective on its own.  By positioning the hole on the top of the bit, the air hole is designed to direct smoke towards the roof of the mouth, not onto the tongue.

Measurements may vary by +/- 0.2".

*Pipe stand not included*

type: Pipes by: Peterson
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