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S.T. Dupont Mon Dupont Lighter & Pen Set

$ 670.80 was $ 540.00

Luxury at its finest, this S.T. Dupont Lotus Red Lacquer lighter was developed by the celebrated fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld. The Mon Dupont is an exclusive collection characterized by the elegant of its lines and superior quality. This lighter features a red lacquer body accented with yellow gold finishes.  Packaged in a beautiful S.T. Dupont gift box.

Approximate Dimensions: 2.76 in (Length) x 0.90 in (Width) x 0.80 in (Thickness).

Refill with S.T. Dupont "Blue" butane and "Red" flint.  

How to refill your S.T. Dupont lighter:
It is highly recommended that you use only dupont flints and one-shot dupont one-shot cartridge butane.

To refill, start by opening the fuel cap at the base of the lighter.  The paint on the inside of the cap indicates which one-shot cartridge butane your lighter requires.
(Blue, red, gold, or green)


1) Remove left-over fuel and air in the lighter. 
2) Place lighter in the freezer for 10 minutes.
3) While your lighter is in the freezer, place fuel cartridge in your hand to warm it up before refilling.
4) Uncap the fuel cartridge.
5) Insert fuel cartridge into lighter by pushing down then turning clockwise until tight.
6) Face lighter upside down while fuel is filling.
There will be some fuel left in the cartridge.  Unscrew and discard cartridge.
7) Do not forget to put fuel cap back on.

To adjust the flame, use the knob of the base of the lighter. Each refill should last about 4-6 weeks.  Change the flint every 2 refills.




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