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S.T. Dupont One Shot Fuel Refills

$ 8.95

NOTE: USPS does not ship flammable products.  Upon checkout please use UPS Ground.  If by mistake you choose USPS, your order will be delayed and we'll be giving you a call to update the price of shipping. It is approximately $12 UPS depending upon where you live.  Thank you!


BLUE: For use with Dupont Lighters Ligne D, D Light, Urban, and Soubreny. .40 FL. OZ

GOLD:   For use with Dupont Lighters Ligne 1, Ligne 2, and Long Table Lighter. .40 FL. OZ

GREEN:  For use with Dupont Lighters Gatsby and Ligne 2. .40 FL. OZ

RED: For use with Dupont Lighters Gatsby and Ligne 1. .40 FL. OZ


How to refill your S.T. Dupont lighter:
1) Remove left-over fuel and air in the lighter.
2) Place lighter in the freezer for 10 minutes.
3) While your lighter is in the freezer, place fuel cartridge in your hand to warm it up before refilling.
4) Uncap the fuel cartridge.
5) Insert fuel cartridge into lighter by pushing down then turning clockwise until tight.
6) Face lighter upside down while fuel is filling.
There will be some fuel left in the cartridge.  Unscrew and discard cartridge.
7) Do not forget to put fuel cap back on.

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