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Ser Jacopo Billiard

$ 395.00

Handmade in Italy.  Smooth finish, flame grain, straight stem.


Ser Jacopo Fatta A Mano In Italia Per Aspera Ad Astra:

Fatta A Mano translates to "Made By Hand". Per Aspera Ad Astra is a Latin phrase found on Ser Jacopo pipes and is the Ser Jacopo motto. It translates to "To the Stars Through Travails", meaning that success comes through hard work.


Exterior: Tobacco Hole:
L = 5 1/2" Dia. = 3/4"
H = 1 3/4" Depth = 1 1/2"
W =  1 1/2" Weight = 1.60 oz


Measurements may vary by +/- 0.2".

type: Pipes by: Ser Jacopo
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