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Southern Classic Cigars

$ 134.55 was $ 80.00

If you like the Padron 1926, Davidoff Escurio or My Father cigars, you will enjoy these smokes.


Southern Classic Cigars is a family operated company with its main office based in the southern state of Florida and their small factory is located in Esteli, Nicaragua managed and operated by Cuban born cigar maker and partner Juan "Papito" Alberto Gomez-Pacheco once trained directly under “Cuban legend” Alejandro Robaina.  *Watch videos below of "Papito" under the tutelage of A. Robaina.


The yearly production volume is limited as the brand operates not only on an exclusive and ultra-boutique sense, but consists of just several cigar rollers. This allows them the utmost control to fulfill their main goal in achieving the maximum quality over each cigar.

Only four cigar lines, each focusing on different elements of traditions held by the native Taíno Indians of Cuba. Each cigar is blended in only one size, showing the optimum performance of the blend created by Master Blender Juan “Papito” Alberto Gomez-Pacheco. All blends are Nicaraguan, showing what can truly be accomplished when a classic Cuban approach (*entubar rolling) is applied to the rich soils of Nicaragua.

Wrapper: Nicaraguan
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan

Flavor: Full and balanced.  
Strength: Medium
Construction: Excellent, great draw, tight ash, perfect burn, good smoke output, stays lit!

*Entubar or Entubado:  “A bunching technique which rolls each filler leaf into itself, almost like a small scroll. Each individually “scrolled” leaf is then placed together to form the bunch. This skillful rolling technique creates a more firmly packed cigar which allows air to travel between all of the leaves, carrying more aromatics/flavors to the palate. Entubado rolling is the most difficult and complex bunching method and is therefore rarely employed in large scale manufacturing.”


Anniversary Series 7.00 52 N 10
Coabey 6.00 54 N 10
Cucubano 5.50 52 N 10
Cuey 6.50 58 N 10
Dujo 6.50 56 N 10




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