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Stanwell De Luxe Sandblast 107

$ 95.00

The name is De Luxe for a reason. Stanwell is very selective when it come to this series of pipes. The Black Sandblast pipes all show deep detail in the craggy texturing of the wood, and a slightly glossy black finish highlights every facet.

Stanwell De Luxe Sandblasts are mated to acrylic stems for durability, and a beautiful appearance with minimal maintenance required. 

Made In Italy


Exterior: Tobacco Hole:
L = 5 1/2" Dia. = 7/8"
H = 2" Depth = 1 1/2"
W =  1 7/8" Weight =  2.88oz


Measurements may vary by +/- 0.2".

*Pipe stand not included*

type: Pipes by: Stanwell
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