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Kai's Virgin Vapor Menthol Moon Drops

$ 11.50

Organic 100% VG, Menthol Moon Drops is a strong, straight menthol flavor.  Great by itself only if you love REALLY strong menthol but perfect for mixing with other flavors to give them that menthol kick. 

Menthol Moon Drops is made from organic menthol crystals. If the crystals start to reform, creating white flakes in your e-liquid, simply run some hot water over the bottle and shake. This flavor contains organic menthol which comes from the extraction of the essential oil of organic mint.


If you're used to fake tasting flavors with a chemical after taste, you are in for a treat!  Virgin Vapor flavors taste like nature intended!

Available in 15 mL E-Liquid, packaged in brown glass bottles (NOT plastic) with dropper tip.

Ingredients: certified organic, USP (pharmaceutical grade) *aqueous vegetable glycerin (*Virgin Vapors glycerin is produced directly from the oils using water) and nicotine, certified organic flavors, distilled water, certified organic ethyl alcohol.

The standard Virgin Vapor line ($11.50) uses third party certified organic flavors that are extracted using organic ethyl alcohol.  The organic ethyl alcohol represents an additional ingredient present in this line.

The Absolute Virgin line ($13.50) is also created using third party certified organic flavors.  However, these flavors are extracted using a multi-stage, patented process that does not require alcohol.  All of the Absolute e-liquid flavors are alcohol free.  In addition, the flavors themselves are highly concentrated and very expensive to distill. 

Virgin Vapor e-liquids NEVER contain artificial colors, artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners or any other additives.  Hand mixed in the USA in a dedicated e-liquid laboratory at our commercially zoned facility. 


All of the ingredients are made in the U.S.A.  No part of Virgin Vapors (VV) e-liquid is manufactured in China because, while China produces many wonderful products, they do not feel the quality control is reliable enough for inclusion in a Virgin Vapor e-liquid. VV nicotine is 100% U.S.A made from hand picked tobacco leaves grown in North Carolina. 


Why organic?

In an article for the CASAA, Kristin Noll-Marsh wrote, "Artificial food flavorings are often called 'the great unknown' when it comes to electronic cigarettes. While all flavorings are FDA‐approved for human consumption, very little is known about the short or long‐term health effects of the inhalation of the ingredients in artificial flavors."  At Virgin Vapor they only use USDA certified organic flavorings.

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